What’s The Deal With EAT Club?

To be honest, I had never heard of EAT Club until about a month ago, when its public relations team reached out to me, and I’m glad that they did. EAT Club, which launched in 2010, is almost three years into its move from a consumer-focused company to a business-to-business one that focuses on corporate food catering. EAT Club’s ideal customer has always been the office employee, but back then, EAT Club was trying to acquire them at their office, rather than through their office, EAT Club CEO Frank Han told me. In the fall of 2013, EAT Club came to terms with the fact that B2C food businesses are hard.

Now, EAT Club focuses on corporate customers like Netflix, Tesla, DogVacay, Atlassian and Samsung. Every month, EAT Club serves an average of more than 700 companies, and has a fast-growing business with impressive margins and repeat customers (86% of anyone who has tried EAT Club is a repeat customer).