BrightFunnel Raises $6M To Connect Marketing And Revenue

BrightFunnel announced today that it has raised $6 million in Series A funding.

The startup offers attribution tools to track the sales impact of customers’ marketing efforts, and it also predicts the future impact of upcoming campaigns. CEO Nadim Hossain said this data is particularly important as “marketing is eating sales.”

In other words, marketing was traditionally the first step in the process, and then potential customers were handed over to the sales team. Nowadays, marketing continues throughout — in fact, BrightFunnel has found that 47 percent of marketing “touches” occur during the sales cycle.

In the past, Hossain has said his goal is to build “the Google self-driving car for marketers.” He said BrightFunnel hasn’t gotten there yet, but it’s giving marketers “that basic data-driven map get from Point A to point B.”

“The way you might optimize a route using Google Maps, we can help you optimize the path to revenue,” he added.