It is well known that technology innovation is transforming the consumer experience and disrupting old line industries on a global basis. This is compounded by the rapid interconnection of technologies and markets.

TEKTON VENTURES, an international seed investment firm with roots in Silicon Valley, is uniquely positioned to address these trends. The firm’s principals have over three decades of experience as early stage investors. Leveraging an extensive global network of entrepreneurs and investors, Tekton makes early stage investments in category defining companies in several strategic geographies around the world.

Passionate entrepreneurs exist in many parts of the world. Tekton Ventures focuses its investments in two different areas: Silicon Valley and selected technology centers (London and Israel); and fast growing mobile/digitally connected markets in Asia (China, Korea and India).

Our approach to global investing rests on partnerships with local venture ecosystems: we have built long standing relationships with some of the best local seed and venture investors in our geographies of focus.

We see our unique global perspective as important to build transformational companies and make that knowledge available across our entire community of entrepreneurs.

Iconic company builders: Those who lead and inspire by example, have a natural curiosity, and the courage to sometime ignore conventional wisdom to build category defining companies.

Global perspective: Entrepreneurs who understand global trends and know how to address them, applying new technologies and business models